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Pay as you go*
Unlike many schools you can pay as you go for £7 per session to start with or if you know you can't make regular classes.
Standing Order Options
Only members can access our best deals so you will need to join to get the benefits. This is £52 and includes membership and insurance for a year, uniform , training manual and your first assessment.

1 class/week
1 grading/year
Insurance renewal fee*
 2 classes/week
2 gradins/year
Insurance renewal fee*
 Unlimited classes
2 gradings/year
Insurance renewal fee*
  Unlimited classes
2 gradings/year
1 x 1-on1 session/month
Insurance renewal fee*
*The insurance renewal fee is only included once the standing order has been run for 1 year.
1 on 1 personal & Group Training¹
If you can’t make regular classes, need a little extra help or want to focus on the finer details then 1 on 1’s are for you. Personal training can also help you reach your fitness goals.
Get in touch for the latest prices.
For the first few sessions you won't need anything but then you need to think about uniform and equipment.
The easiest thing is to take out the £50 membership package as this includes uniform and insurance for one year.
After that you will need the following equipment:
Senior: £26, Junior: £22
Head Guard
Gum Guard
 Groin Guard
Shin protectors
£8/£20 for heavy duty
Foot protectors
All of this equipment can be bought directly from us. If you already have your own equipment please ensure it is fit for purpose and of good quality; if you're not sure, please ask.
* All fees must be paid prior to attending a session.
¹ Payment must be made prior to the session. We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be charged the full amount.