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Update 21st Jan15
December news
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Events coming up


June 17
Monday 12th coma 8pm – 10pm BJJ
Monday 19th coma 8pm – 10pm NINPO Nin Jutsu (Under Genbukan)
Monday 26th coma 8pm – 10pm Tai Chi 10 step yang


Monday 3rd 8pm – 10pm Weapons: - Southern Stick
Monday 10th 8pm – 10pm  Weapons:- Tai chi sword
Monday 17th 8pm – 10pm  Weapons:- Knife Defences

£10 in advance book on sessions only

Venue: - Coma gym (Reading Rugby Club)


1/ Courses are not included in monthly standing orders

Events in June

Grading Work shop

Update 21st Jan15

Grading Workshop(Juniors)
Saturday 24th January 2015
Venue:- Coma Gym (Reading Rugby Club)
£10 Before the day £20 on the day
This is an opportunity to learn or perfect your grade techniques in
Thai Kik Jitsu Kick Boxing
Hung Choy Kung Fu
Grading Workshop(Seniors)
Sunday 1st February 2015
Venue:- Coma gym (Reading Rugby Club)
£15 Before the day £25 on the day
This is an opportunity to learn or perfect your grade techniques in
Thai Kik Jitsu Kick Boxing

December news

Grading Workshop
There's only 2 senior places left on this Sunday's Grading Workshop; 1245-1600 @ COMA. £15 in advance or £25 on the day.

Christmas Social
Beer and Bowling seems the likely favourite so far but if you have any other suggestions, please get in touch.

Gift ideas
We have a special offer on hoodies just in time for Christmas. £25 each or 2 for £45. They can be customised with your name etc. Make sure you've ordered and paid before 3rd December if you want them before Christmas.

November & December events

Event Info
17th November

Lea's leaving do: Starting in Back of Beyond (reading Town Centre) at 1900.

24th November

BIKMA competition@ Fight School; £20 Fighter Entry Fee
25th November

Dean Amasinger Seminar: 1200 - 1500 @ COMA
£30 early booking fee/£40 last minute,LIMITED PLACES
2nd December

Grading Workshop@ COMA
1015 - 1200 Juniors: £10 in advance or £20 on the day
1245 - 1600 Seniors: £15 in advance or £25 on the day

9th December

 Invitational Grading

Timetable Alterations

There's no classes Bank Holiday weekend

The Tuesday MMA classes for the next two weeks 21st & 28th will be at 6.30pm & 7.30pm at COMA gym with Adam Brown leading the session

The Wednesday classes for the next two weeks 22nd & 29th will be at COMA gym same times 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Sifu Ross will be back teaching Saturday 1st September

July 2012 Grading Results

Ibrahim Khan, Yellow Belt - 97%
Ben Conner, Yelllow Belt - 97%
Aadya Akhuri, Yellow Belt - 96%
Bhavya Akhuri, Yellow Belt - 100%
Hamza Janjua, Yellow Belt - 100%
Kamil Janjua, Yellow Belt - 90%
Toby Hulme, Yellow Belt Black Stripe - 95%
Luke Worsley, Blue Belt - 97%
Harley Butlin, Blue Belt - 99%
Brendon Ballard, Blue Belt - 99%
Bailey Boothroyd-Wiles, Blue Belt - 99%
Jamie McIntosh, Blue Belt Black Stripe - 98%
Ross Gibson, Green Belt - 94%
Alexander Clarke, Purple Belt Black Stripe - 96%
Jack Osman, Purple Belt Black Stripe - 95%

Grading Workshop - Sunday 24th June

There are a few spaces left on the Workshop this Sunday 1-4pm at COMA. £15 in advance or £20 on the day. Please book in advance.