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Thai Kik Jitsu

  1. First you learn how to box, how to kick and then you include elbows and knees.
  2. After that the element of Jiu Jitsu can be learnt and these include: trips and throws, self defence dealing with escapes grabs, strangles, being pinned on the floor, and how to apply locks and controlling techniques.
  3. The final step is learning self defence against knife attacks.

The unarmed combat techniques of Thai Kik Jitsu is very effective self defence for both one-on-one and multiple opponent situations, whether being grabbed or dealing with strikes.

At TMAS we teach the following unarmed Kickboxing disciplines:

  • White Collar Boxing - for beginners (no experience required)
  • Non Contact Kickboxing - the only contact is on blocking
  • Light Contact Kickboxing - kicks above waist, power is firm control
  • K1 - full contact Kickboxing with low round kicks & knees
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing - full contact with elbows, knees & clinch work

Sport sparring specifically helps you prepare for the street - if you’ve never been punched in the face it can be a big shock if it ever happens for the first time in real life. If you regularly spar you are a step closer to making a street fight easier to deal with.

We also teach Escrima (short bamboo sticks) and Nun Chuka’s fighting techniques

Please note that we pride ourselves on training hard without injury and amend the syllabus for students with an injury in order to accommodate their specific needs.

Kickboxing is suitable for ages 4 and over and our adult classes are from 12 yrs+.

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Kickboxing Pad Work for Kids and Adults

Kickboxing Pad Work for Kids and Adults

Kick Boxing Gallery

Chinese Martial Arts Gallery

Class Times - Kickboxing


Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning06:30 - 07:30Class is 45mins Cardio BLASTAdults (14 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning18:30 - 19:30Adults (12 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning19:30 - 20:30Adults (12 yrs+)


Loddon Valley Leisure CentreReading17:00 - 18:00Kids (4 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning18:30 - 19:30Adults (10 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning19:30 - 20:30Adults (14 yrs+)


Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning06:30 - 07:3045 min cardio BLASTAdults (14 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning19:30 - 20:30Adults (12 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning20:30 - 21:30Adults (12 yrs+)


Loddon Valley Leisure CentreReading16:30 - 17:30Kids (4 - 8 yrs)
Loddon Valley Leisure CentreReading17:30 - 18:30Kids (8 yrs+)
Loddon Valley Leisure CentreReading18:30 - 19:00Adults (10 yrs+)
Loddon Valley Leisure CentreReading19:30 - 20:30 Adults (12 yrs+)


Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning09:00 - 10:00Fitness & Striking for Kick Boxing & MMAAdults (10 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning10:00 - 11:00Adults (12 yrs+)
Centre of Martial Arts (COMA)Sonning10:00 - 11:00Family session - parents and children work togetherAdults (5 yrs+)


St Crispin's Leisure CentreWokingham18:00 - 19:00Adults (10 yrs+)
St Crispin's Leisure CentreWokingham19:00 - 20:00Adults (10 yrs+)
A fond farewell to COMA Gym

As you might be aware, after having a home for over 12 years at Reading Rugby Club in Sonning, it is finally time for TMAS to move on. Read more...



Senior Grading - March 2019

The next Senior Grading will take place on Saturday, 30.03.19 at COMA Gym, Sonning from 08:45 - 14:00. Please remember that Gradings are by invite only.


Junior Grading - March 2019

Our next Junior Grading takes place on Sunday, 24.03.19 at COMA Gym, Sonning from 12:00 - 17:00. Please remember that Gradings are by invite only.


Junior & Senior Grading Workshop - March 2019

Our next Junior and Senior Grading Workshop takes place at COMA Gym, Sonning on Sunday, 03.03.19 from 15:00 - 17:00. £10 if booked in advance or £20 on the day. 


Hard work pays off in Worthing

Another awesome inter-club at Gym Xtreme saw 4 TMAS fighters showcase their talents. Congratulations Billy, Petr, Alex and Adam!

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Gx Interclub Fight Night @ The Bar Gym

Come and support your fellow students - Billy Willis, Adam Spittlers, Petr Vokoun and Alex King -  at The Bar Gym, Worthing from 18:00. 


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