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Chinese Martial Arts

The class format for Chinese Martial Arts involves learning forms, a few movements at a time, followed by the application of each form with a training partner.

Once you have learnt the forms we create sequences of techniques joined together, marking them easier to remember.

At TMAS we teach the following forms and styles:

  • Chang Quan
  • Qing Nian Quan
  • luohan Baji Quan
  • Xing Yi Quan

Self Defence - Chin Nai

Defend against grabs by escaping and controlling your attacker using locks on their joints and pressure points

Tai Chi – 10, 24 & 42 step forms

Tai Chi is great for stress relief by meditation and we teach the following forms:

  • The 10 step form which is easy to learn and can be practiced in a small area
  • The 24 step Beijing Short form which takes about 6 minutes to complete (if done properly with controlled breathing)
  • The 42 Posture Sword Form is an international standard routine created for competition - sword forms are extension of bare handed movements

Tai Chi is a complete martial arts system and just like the forms, it has more than one application.

Chi Gung 5 Elements & Shaolin Chi Gung

Chi Gung 5 Elements is great for healing the body and defragging your mind so you can function at peak performance whilst Shaolin is great for strengthening the body.

Xing Yi

For Xing Yi you first learn the 5 element movements based on wood, fire, water, earth and metal and then progress to the 12 animal techniques based on the spirit and fighting style of each animal.

Xing Yi is a complete martial arts system and just like the forms, it has more than one application.

Chinese Martial Arts are suitable for ages 12 years and over.

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Chinese Martial Arts Southern Sticks

Chinese Martial Arts Southern Sticks

Chinese Martial Arts Gallery

Kung Fu Gallery

Class Times - Chinese Martial Arts


Loddon Valley Leisure CentreReading19:30 - 20:30Adults (14 yrs+)


St Crispin's Leisure CentreWokingham19:00 - 20:00 Tai ChiAdults (12 yrs+)
Junior & Senior Christmas Party 2018

This year we all start at 17:30 with a very active hour long session at Red Kangaroo in Reading. See our news page for more info.


Senior Grading

The Senior Grading for Brown Belt curriculum includes the 3 minute 'Brick Hold'. A picture tells a thousand words... Read more about our gradings on our news page.


Junior Grading - Sunday, 11.11.18

Congratulations to the 22 students who passed Yellow to Purple Belts Black Stripes gradings in Kung Fu and Kickboxing on Sunday, 11.11.18 at COMA Gym. A special shout out to our ...


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Marcelo Copa

A great seminar with a BJJ World Champion, looking at how the little details can give better effectiveness of technique. We covered side control with a strange variation on the ...


Thai Kik Jitsu Brown Belt for Jimmy Petrus' Stunt Register

Jimmy Petrus recently completed his Brown Belt which forms part of his Stunt Register qualifications. Look out for him in Star Wars and Ready Player 1.


Kung Fu Hung Choy Black Belt Training

The 'Kung Fu Crew' meet us every quarter for a special training session (open to all Kung Fu students). It is always good to see Stefan Weger (an ex TMAS student who now lives ...


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