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  • Kick Boxing - (Suitable for ages 4yrs+)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - (Suitable for ages 10yrs+)
  • Ju Jitsu - (Suitable for ages 10yrs+)
  • Kung Fu - (Suitable for ages 4yrs+)
  • Mixed Martial Arts - (Suitable for ages 14yrs+)
  • Chinese Martial Arts - (Suitable for ages 12yrs+)             
  • No-Gi Grappling - (Suitable for ages 14yrs+)                 
  • Self Defence - (Suitable for ages 14yrs+)

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Junior & Senior Christmas Party 2018

This year we all start at 17:30 with a very active hour long session at Red Kangaroo in Reading. See our news page for more info.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Marcelo Copa

A great seminar with a BJJ World Champion, looking at how the little details can give better effectiveness of technique. We covered side control with a strange variation on the ...


Thai Kik Jitsu Brown Belt for Jimmy Petrus' Stunt Register

Jimmy Petrus recently completed his Brown Belt which forms part of his Stunt Register qualifications. Look out for him in Star Wars and Ready Player 1.


Kung Fu Hung Choy Black Belt Training

The 'Kung Fu Crew' meet us every quarter for a special training session (open to all Kung Fu students). It is always good to see Stefan Weger (an ex TMAS student who now lives ...


Kickboxing with Chris Djaelani

Sifu Ross and World Champion Kick Boxer, Chris Djaelani have been sparring on Thursday mornings at COMA Gym for over 10 years. Chris retired from competition last year but continues to ...


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar with Gero Santos

At this seminar Gero Santos, a very humble but very experienced fighter, taught us more clear, simple, and effective BJJ techniques like Passing Guard, Pinning with Chokes and Arm Bars.


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