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BJJ Master Class with Michael Allen

On Sunday, 22.06.19 we have a BJJ master class from 10:00 - 12:00 at Loddon Valley with Black Belt guest instructor, Michael Allen - a 3 time English Open Champion and Gold medal winner in the National Masters 2018 Black Belt Super Heavy division and Absolute Black Belt Division.

During the master class Michael will be focusing on teaching students his high percentage techniques (the ones he wins most with at competitions).

Students age 10+ are welcome to attend (preferably wearing Gi) and there is no additional cost for those who pay on a monthly basis. Please email me to register for this great opportunity.

Follow this link to watch Michael compete for his Purple Belt.


A trip to deepest darkest Peru for Kareena Chana

TMAS is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Kareena Chana, who is joining a group other Maiden Erlegh students and teachers on a 4 week Camps International expedition to Peru during her 2020 summer holiday.

During this time the group will be involved in community development and environmental conservation initiatives in less fortunate regions including projects like digging foundations for a new classroom, installation of water purification and sanitation facilities, collecting rubbish for recycling and planting trees to offset environmental damage and deforestation.

Kareena (age 14) has been a TMAS Thai Kik JItsu Kickboxing student for almost 8 years and currently has a Green Belt.

The physical fitness, self-discipline, teamwork and personal growth skills provided by her years of Martial Arts training will certainly be of great benefit during the trip. Not just with the community development and environmental conservation work but also with the 4 day Inca Trail trek!

You can follow Kareena’s progress via (donations most welcome!) and we look forward to her posts and photographs next summer.

For more information on Camps International visit

Kareena Chana

Focus on... Adina Wass

Civil Servant


Favourite films:
Miss Congeniality, closely followed by almost any Disney film

Favourite food:

Cooking, baking, dance and drama

Why Martial Arts:
I joined TMAS about 8 years ago after originally starting kickboxing at university when I wanted a new challenge after focusing on dance as a child.

I enjoy kickboxing because you’re not only exercising, but also learning practical skills at the same time. As a sport, it develops your strength and fitness and keeps you challenged and engaged mentally.

I love the variety at TMAS - no two classes are the same and there’s always opportunity to focus on specific areas you’d like to develop. I’ve also always found the teachers and other TMAS members very friendly and encouraging, which means you can have fun whilst also training hard.

Martial Arts goal:
I am currently training for my Black Belt, 1st Dan and hope to achieve it in late 2019/early 2020. Very proud to be the first female TMAS student to achieve this and hope that I inspire some of the younger girls to follow in my footsteps.

Senior Grading - Saturday, 30.03.19

Big congratulations to the 5 Seniors (and 2 additional Juniors) who did their Thai Kik Jitsu Kickboxing Gradings on Saturday, 30.03.19.

Petr doubled up by obtaining Yellow Belts for both Shoot Jitsu MMA Submission Grappling (aided by sparring partner Leon) and Kickboxing, and Matt Godwin achieved a Purple Belt in Thai Kik Jitsu.

It was also great to see Stefan Weger again. Stefan trained with the club for 15 years, attaining his Kung Fu Black Belt, and now always drops in for a session or two when visiting.

Well done everybody!

Junior Grading - Sunday, 24.03.19

Wow, another amazing day with 22 Junior students passing their gradings.

Special shout outs for:

  • Nathan Spencer for assisting as part of his preparation for his Thai Kik Jitsu kickboxing Black Belt

  • Alex Penney, Aaryen Labana, Becky Crute, Ben Conner, Joe Rushen and Louis Daniels-Smith for assisting as part of the preparation for their Hung Choy Kung Fu Brown Belt

  • The 8 students who worked extra hard to achieve their Green Belts in Thai Kik Jitsu Kickboxing. Green is a huge jump from the previous grades, loaded with technically difficult kicks that require explosive power

  • Bhaavya for achieving her Junior Purple Belt Black Stripe in Thai Kik Jitsu. She now moves onto the Senior Brown belt, our FIRST female Junior student to achieve this level

  • Aadya for achieving her Purple belt in Thai Kik Jitsu and thus moving on to her Purple Belt Black Stripe, hot on the heels of her sister, Bhaavya

What is especially heart warming is that many of these students have been with TMAS since the age of 4 or 5.

And to those students who are just starting on their Martial Arts journey by achieving their Yellow Belts, we look forward to seeing you rising through the ranks!


Inter-Club Gym Xtreme Competition - 16.02.19

Another awesome inter-club at Gym Xtreme saw 4 TMAS fighters showcase their talents.

Billy's (Kickboxing) opponent came from a really strong camp and we knew he'd pull out some big explosive kicks. Billy executed the game-plan precisely and his fitness, clean, well-drilled strikes, as well as his ability to adapt to his opponent got a convincing win.

Petr's 1st fight saw him facing up to a boxing opponent after his MMA opponent pulled out. This last-minute change didn't phase Petr and he focused on the opponent's weak spots with powerful strikes to gain the win.

Adam (Kickboxing) used his long reach to keep distance from his opponent and great combinations to exhaust him. In the end he pulled off an amazing feint and landed a massive strike to overwhelm his opposition completely.

Alex (MMA) worked incredibly hard during fight camp to reach a competitive weight category. During the fight he constantly hounded his opponent, looking for takedowns and was rewarded in round 2 and 3. He had amazing dominance during ground and pound, landing countless strikes and walking away with a draw.

Huge congratulations to all four of them!

A fond farewell to COMA Gym - 08.04.19

As you might be aware, after having a home for over 12 years at Reading Rugby Club in Sonning, it is finally time for TMAS to move on (the rugby club needs the space for their own use), signalling the start of an exciting new chapter for the club.

We want to make sure that our new venue is exactly what our growing club needs and, whilst the search for the ideal location in ongoing, we will move the COMA classes to St Crispin's and Loddon Valley Leisure Centres.

We are hoping to host a 'farewell COMA' bash on Saturday, 06.04.18 and the revised schedule will be applicable from Monday, 08.04.19:

Mondays @ Loddon Valley from 18:30 - 20:30
Tuesdays @ Loddon Valley from 18:30 - 20:30
Wednesdays @ Loddon Valley from 18:30 - 21:30
Saturdays @ Loddon Valley from 08:00 - 12:00

We are excited about what a new venue will offer in terms of a dedicated training space, and we do appreciate your patience and flexibility in the meantime.

The full revised timetable will be live as of Sunday, 07.04.19 but we will remind you again about the new schedule closer to the time.

Junior Grading - Sunday, 11.11.18

Congratulations to the 22 students who passed Yellow to Purple Belts Black Stripes gradings in Kung Fu and Kickboxing on Sunday, 11.11.18 at COMA Gym.

A special shout out to our 2 junior students who also achieved their Purple Belt Black Stripes in Kung Fu, thus progressing onto the adult syllabus, working towards their brown belts.

Junior Grading November 2018


Junior and Senior Christmas Party 2018

Our Christmas Party this year starts at 17:30 on Saturday, 1 December at Red Kangaroo in Reading where we will all be bouncing and climbing together for one hour.

The small print:

  • For Juniors from 4yrs parents will need to stay and surpervise.
  • An online registration form is required for all participants:
    £11 in advance (before 28.10.18)
    £13 if spaces available after 29.10.18
  • Socks included with group of 10 plus.
  • Please use this link and complete a waiver.
  • Please see Directions here.

The Seniors will then go on to the The Baron Cadogan pub in Caversham at 19:00 for a drink followed by an 'all you can eat buffet' at the Spice Oven at 20:30.

Cost for the Spice Oven is as follows:

  • £19 in advance (before 28.10.18)
  • £24 if spaces available after 29:10.18


Jimmy Petrus - did you know...

Jimmy recently completed his Thai Kik Jitsu Kick Boxing Brown Belt as part of his training for the Stunt Register which requires 5 areas of expertise. He also has certificates for PADI Dive Master, Trampolining, High Diving and Rock Climbing. Look out for Jimmy in some of the recent Star Wars films (Imperial Officer) and in Ready Player 1.

Star Wars

Ready Player 1

Senior Grading

Our next Senior Grading will take place on Saturday, 20.07.19 at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre from 09:00 - 13:00. Please remember that Gradings are by invite only.


Junior Grading

Our next Junior Grading takes place on Saturday, 13.07.19 at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre from 09:000 - 13:00. Please remember that Gradings are by invite only.


Bank Holiday make up session #2

We have two make up session to catch up on classes missed due to the recent Bank Holidays. 17 :00 - 18:00 on Sunday, 23 June & 7 July at ...


Junior & Senior Grading Workshop

Our next Junior and Senior Grading Workshop takes place at St Crispin's, on Sunday, 30.06.19 from 16:00 - 10:00. £15 pp if booked in advance or £25 on the day. 


Bank Holiday make up session #1

We have two make up session to catch up on classes missed due to the recent Bank Holidays. 17 :00 - 18:00 on Sunday, 23 June and 7 July at ...


BJJ Master Class with Michael Allen

10:00 - 12:00 @ Loddon Valley with Black Belt guest instructor, Michael Allen - a 3 time English Open Champion. Read more...


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