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Why Martial Arts?

Builds confidence

This confidence comes from assisting in class warm ups and cool downs, peer to peer teaching and learning new skills. We find that the best way to learn new things is to teach it to a fellow student so our children ‘own’ the technique and start a path towards mastering what they are learning.

This confidence can make children feel less of an easy target and we also teach them how to manage situations. Unfortunately not every dangerous situation can be avoided or solved without physical encounter. Martial arts provide them with the skills to help protect themselves and those around them.

Learn life skills and values

Learning life skills and values from a young age is very important to our children. Martial Arts is great for shaping values and behaviours such as focus, tolerance, fairness, humbleness, discipline and stepping up when there’s an injustice.

Physical fitness and health

A major benefit of following a martial arts program is the fitness you develop along the way. Losing weight, gaining muscular strength and increasing motor skills, all whilst improving flexibility and mobility are only a few of the goals that can be achieved.

Feeling healthy and in great shape has a positive effect on our general health and emotional well-being. The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are well documented and doing regular physical activity can help increase quality of life.


Discipline is important, not only in martial arts but also as a life skill. Reaching your potential and your goals require willpower and self discipline and martial arts is a great way to hope our children develop this skill.

The happiness factor

Punching a bag really hard or training with some friendly people can have a huge impact on emotional well-being. It reduces stress levels and increase happiness thanks to feel good hormones released during exercise.

Focusing on technique and practicing with a sharp mind will also enhance learning ability, a skill that is important throughout all age groups.

Team work

Martial Arts is often viewed as an individual sport but this is only partially true as no martial artist will ever grow to a master level without good training partners.
You help each other to develop new skills, motivate one another during training and his team work helps individuals to ultimately get better and achieve their goals. Being a good training partner is one of the essentials in martial arts

Achieving your goals

Setting goals and following through to success is an essential skill in today’s world. Just like working towards goals at school or in our private lives, the road to your black belt starts with the first step.

Martial Arts teaches our children to focus on their goals, work hard to achieve them whilst dealing with occasional setbacks. Everybody can quit, it is easy but true achievement only comes if you overcome the odds and keep going when times are hard.

Set your goal, follow through and succeed.

Personal growth

Martial Arts is demanding. Training sometimes takes children out of their comfort zone and helps them to deal with orders and criticism as well as developing self-evaluation skills.

It not always comfortable but teaches them to deal with problems, helping their characters to grow. We have also found that children who are perhaps a bit forceful with their peers learned about control/discipline and not to “act out” due to having a healthy outlet for their stress, anger and issues to be healed and released in a peaceful environment.

Social skills

Training in a group is a great opportunity to meet and interact with new people. The casual atmosphere people enjoy during sports, combined with partner practice makes it very easy to bond with others.

It's not uncommon that the friendships made in training will stand the test of time

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