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Self Defence

Our self defence training is split into four levels:

  • Level 1 - Break away for e.g. in the workplace (nurses, teachers, etc.) to escape attack without hurting the attacker.
  • Level 2 - Escaping grabs, defending strikes, weapon attacks, multiple attackers to disable them so that you can escape safely.
  • Level 3 - Control and restraint e.g. for the workplace (police, door security in bars and clubs).
  • Level 4 - FUBAR “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition” for special forces, etc..

Students work through the techniques in their training plan to achieve their goal and are subsequently tested in a controlled manner, avoiding injury during the training.

The goal of self defence training:

  • All grades must be able to demonstrate the prescribed technique with technical points for speed & power for each self-defence or sport sparring scenario. Students should also be able to show the intelligent use of strikes, throws, strangles and joint locks as alternatives.
  • The role of restraint is recognised as it is an important skill applicable to many self defence scenarios (e.g. citizen’s arrest), but the underlying principle of the syllabus is the use of reasonable force in order to neutralise a threat and then escape. There is emphasis on not “going to ground” with the attacker because in reality, aggressors are seldom alone. If you get knocked to the floor, you will have techniques practiced to get you safely back off the floor.
  • Self defence should be practiced with aggression, showing sufficient control as to not cause injury in training or assessment. There is an onus on students to “play along” in response to their partner using control. For example, if a student receives a controlled groin kick he/she is expected to show the appropriate response and bend forward and role play, rather than wait for a crippling full contact blow to be applied.

Weapon defences:

All grades must clearly understand that defence against weapons is a last resort. When facing a weapon, avoidance and escape is the first priority since even a successful defence is likely to result in injury.

Successful defence against a weapon attack will result in the attacker being disarmed and left unable to resume the assault. This implies that a higher level of force is appropriate. This is the case since, within the confines of the law and reasonable force you may assume that someone attacking you with a weapon is using lethal force against you and therefore your response may reasonably be more severe.

Do not aim to merely deter your attacker from resuming an assault as in the general syllabus, your aim is to disarm and render the assailant unable to continue. This implies rendering your opponent unconscious or inflicting severe limb trauma. You should aim to take control of the arm holding the weapon at the earliest opportunity.

Never pick up and use the weapon unless you are being assaulted by multiple attackers.

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Self defence against a back slash knife attack

Self defence against a back slash knife attack

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