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A fun & welcoming atmosphere

One of the first things you’ll notice at TMAS is the atmosphere. Both our instructors and students are a welcoming bunch and although we work hard we also always have fun.

Beginner focused

New students are partnered with experienced students and everybody joins in, knowing that in the process their own skill set improve will also improve. To know is to teach.

A caring cast of amazing instructors

We’ve assemble a team of brilliant martial artists who are dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate. Each bringing their own unique skill sets to teaching in their favoured martial arts discipline.

Personal attention

Our expert instructors closely monitor your progress, giving you focused feedback when needed, making sure you never feel left behind. We pride ourselves on knowing all of our students’ names and making sure everyone receives personal attention in every class.

A structured curriculum designed by experts

Compiled by our expert head instructor, Sifu Ross, TMAS uses a structured, organized, finely crafted curriculum. It is a comprehensive, step-by-step system which provides you with an easy to follow roadmap.

A comprehensive, accommodating schedule of classes

Whatever your schedule, TMAS has classes for you - mornings and evenings for adults, juniors or families. Our sessions offer you the chance to train even at your busiest times, 6 days a week.

A school for everybody

We are lucky to be home to an incredibly diverse group of super supportive and inspiring male and female instructors and students who are great role models.

The competitive edge (for those who are so inclined)

From in-house competitions to test the water, to interclub competitions / day time shows and finally evening show. Competitions provide you with a goal, a reason to train harder, become better than you were yesterday and after each competition you update your road map to reach your next bench mark.

Facilities & locations

Based in local sport centres and our own dedicated home Dojo (COMA Gym at Reading Rugby Club) where we have Berkshire’s largest fighting cage as well as hanging bags, a matted area and 2 training rooms.

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Martial Arts submission technique - Arm Triangle from Mount into Side Control

Martial Arts submission technique - Arm Triangle from Mount into Side Control

Kids Classes Gallery

Self Defence Gallery

Junior & Senior Christmas Party 2018

This year we all start at 17:30 with a very active hour long session at Red Kangaroo in Reading. See our news page for more info.


Senior Grading

The Senior Grading for Brown Belt curriculum includes the 3 minute 'Brick Hold'. A picture tells a thousand words... Read more about our gradings on our news page.


Junior Grading - Sunday, 11.11.18

Congratulations to the 22 students who passed Yellow to Purple Belts Black Stripes gradings in Kung Fu and Kickboxing on Sunday, 11.11.18 at COMA Gym. A special shout out to our ...


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Marcelo Copa

A great seminar with a BJJ World Champion, looking at how the little details can give better effectiveness of technique. We covered side control with a strange variation on the ...


Thai Kik Jitsu Brown Belt for Jimmy Petrus' Stunt Register

Jimmy Petrus recently completed his Brown Belt which forms part of his Stunt Register qualifications. Look out for him in Star Wars and Ready Player 1.


Kung Fu Hung Choy Black Belt Training

The 'Kung Fu Crew' meet us every quarter for a special training session (open to all Kung Fu students). It is always good to see Stefan Weger (an ex TMAS student who now lives ...


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